Carbon roadmap

Roadmap towards 2050

Bopro guides the client in the development of the building's performance and objectives with regard to carbon emissions and climate change risks.

We make a study of the existing situation in order to determine the current state and the potential of the building. This information will help us to define improvement measures to reduce carbon emissions.

We use the European objectives and the Paris COP 21 agreement as a basis for a roadmap that will enable the building to become carbon neutral by 2050.


Condition Survey

Our forward thinkers start with a condition survey.

They will visit the building(s) and study of the technical documentation (if existing) in order to collect information about the state of the technical installations and materials, the estimated life span of the installations and materials.

They'll describe the work to be done to bring the building up to standard, repairs and the energy performance of the building.

Infographic carbon condition survey

Consumption analysis

Bopro experts collect and analyse consumption data for the last three years for the various fluids: gas, electricity, water.

We calculate the CO2 emissions and describe the physical risks and transitional risks linked to climate change.

Infographic carbon consumption


The action plan is made to define improvement measures to determine consumption and CO2 emissions and estimate the technical and economic feasibility.

Measures such as increasing the energy performance of the building, reducing the consumption of different resources, allowing the use of natural resources (bio-source - fossil free) and determining the Capex and the impact on the Opex are taking into account.

Infographic carbon actionplan


Finally Bopro experts will elaborate the roadmap which will stagger the improvement measures over time in order to achieve a carbon neutral building (European target) by 2050.

The roadmap presented is based on the potential of the building, the efficiency of the measures: CO2 impact versus Capex/Opex, the lifetime of the existing installations, the technical feasibility and the intermediate CO2 reduction targets based on Science Based Targets (SBT) to limit the impact on climate change to below 2°C (or <1.5°C).

Infographic carbon roadmap

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