CSR strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility

We make this concrete: together we formulate your long-term and short-term objectives and translate them into indicators based on the GRI standards. We involve your employees in this process so that your CSR plan is supported by everyone in your company.



Based on the SDG’s we define the risks but also the opportunities for you organization.

We translate this into concrete topics and actions on which you can work.

In collaboration with your staff we map the stakeholders with whom we will define the materiality of the social, ecological or economic topics.

This facilitates you to define your CSR strategy and to set long-term objectives e.g. 2030 in order to avoid risks and optimize your business.

These objectives are translated by us into indicators based on the GRI standards, so that the measurement is done from the start in function of your future reporting. The objectives are distributed in a balanced way over the various CSR policy areas of people, planet, profit, partnership and peace.

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We foresee the

- drawing up a list of possible actions to achieve objectives.

- preparation of a condition survey and feasibility study (planning, construction costs, payback time, technical feasibility) per action.

- definition of the output specifications.

- discussion with the internal technical services to determine final actions, planning and budget.

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Our forward thinkers combine our Real Estate knowledge with transition management expertise to help you implement your CSR strategy in your company.

We develop tools and define actions and we train your staff so that they can bring your CSR strategy to life and integrate the CSR measures into daily actions.

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In consultation, we draw up a measurement protocol that establishes the frequency, the type of meters, the way of measuring, the roles and responsibilities, the follow-up and internal reporting.

These measurements must be evaluated regularly in function of the objectives.

Taking and adjusting measures when the objectives are not met, is a logical consequence.

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Want to know more about the CSR strategy of Bopro? Download our CSR report below.

CSR report: Bridge to the future | Bopro

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