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Our services

@ Your service

Services that enlarge your impact on society, that’s what we offer you at Bopro.

Our services in the construction and real estate world are based on responsible management and the RICS values for all stakeholders involved.

Our stay on earth is limited. That’s why we’re convinced that we have to take care of the surface and the remaining resources.

Today you build the places where future generations will live, work and play. The impact that new projects and buildings have on their environment is immense. ‘To sustainabilise’ offers you not only a strategic long term benefit. It also enlarges your ecological impact and definitely gives you a wider range of usage options. Dealing thoughtfully with all the ecological, economic and social ingredients will definitely lead to a higher commercial value of your project. And, to an infinite positive impact on people and environment!

That’s why we put our services of development, co-creation, sustainability advice, process, project and property management @your service.