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Sustainability Advice

Sustainable building practices aim to reduce the impact on people and the environment. Sustainable construction includes many aspects throughout the entire building’s lifecycle. Those aspects need to be well-balanced and integrated into a project to obtain the best result. There are well-known measures such as a reduced consumption of energy and water and using materials with a low environmental footprint. But sustainable construction also involves health and comfort for the building users, accessibility and availability of alternative transport modes, reduction of pollution factors, resistance to climate change effects, a well planned management of the construction process and facility management, low construction site effects, waste management,…


Sustainability Advice

Inspired by an approved methodology, we guide the client to build as futureproof and sustainable as possible. Preferably, we start off even before conclusion of the design phase. At the earliest stages, the ambitions, goals and expectations of all involved parties are mapped. This results in an integrated design, created for and carried by the stakeholders.

The methodology enables the verification and testing of a wide range of aspects, through the lifecycle of the building: from the design, to the in-use phase, until the renovation.

We also help you find the best partners to realise your ambitions and guide you through all stages of the project (such as strategic brief, technical design, tendering, construction and handover phase).



To BREEAM means to be driven by the on-going need to improve sustainability. This encompasses the whole lifecycle of buildings from planning to in-use and refurbishment and can be applied to virtually any building and location.

Bopro operates as assessor but also as accredited professional (advisor) to ensure your sustainability ambitions.

We can help you with:

  • BREEAM International New Construction
  • BREEAM In-Use
  • BREEAM Communities
  • BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit out


You can read our BREEAM whitepaper here.
You can watch our BREEAM webinar here.


LifeCycle Analysis

For substantiated materials selection, we recommend a LifeCycle Analysis (LCA) on the proposed materials during the design phase. The analysis allows to assess the impacts associated with all the stages of the proposed building material’s life from extraction of raw material through processing, distribution, use phase, repair, maintenance and demolition. Assisted by the analysis, we map the environmental impact of your building’s elements and suggest low impact alternatives.


LifeCycleCost Analysis

A LifeCycle Cost Analysis is a tool to compare cost-effectiveness of different construction options, taking into account the entire associated lifetime costs: initial installation cost, service life, maintenance and operation costs and disposal costs. The analysis helps decision-making and consideration of more sustainable, but quite often more expensive solutions.


CSR strategy

The impact of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is becoming ever greater. Bopro guides you in combining your corporate and CSR strategy aiming for mutual reinforcement. We do this specifically by defining your long and short term objectives together, linked to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Stakeholders are defined through stakeholder mapping and they are involved in order to build a materiality matrix. In this way, the resulting CSR plan is supported by everyone. Monitoring and reporting methods ensure a concrete and targeted follow-up and adjustment of the results in the future.


Sustainable Development Goals

We defined our own 6 SDGs based on dialogues with our stakeholders, captured in the materiality matrix.

Defining our own SDGs demands a commitment, both within our organisation and the projects we assist. Like no other, we know we can make a long term difference through our projects.

We encourage you to maximise the positive contribution of your project by applying our Sustainability Advice services. Together we can make the difference on these goals.