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Property Management

We provide cost consultancy services and counsel our clients about maintenance, management and in-use processes. This service aims to ensure awareness, accuracy and value for money in relation to economic, technical and ecological aspects. Our real estate lifecycle approach allows us to advise you to maximise cost-effectiveness and long term value.

We work with landlords, tenants, developers and investors. We aim to drive efficiency throughout the Real Estate lifecycle and to identify possible risks early on.


Technical Due Diligence

For potential buyers of an asset, a Technical Due Diligence provides an independent screening. On the basis of a general inspection of the building and an administrative check (environmental and building permit, technical installations warranties…), we inform you on the potential risks and costs that can occur within the first five to ten years.


Condition Survey

Based on a detailed investigation of each of the building parts, we create an overview that clearly illustrates the condition of each part, the urgency of replacement or reparation and the corresponding budgets.


Maintenance Strategy

Once you’ve developed or redeveloped in a sustainable way, it’s obvious that you’ll try to maintain or even increase the level you’ve reached. As a property manager you’ll discover the benefits of sustainable maintenance.  In order to increase your portfolio’s social, economic and environmental value, we create the maintenance strategy, based on the BREEAM In-Use methodology.


Breeam In-Use

This is a scheme to help building managers and owners reduce the running costs and improve the environmental performance of existing buildings. It has three parts: building asset, building management and occupier management. On the long term Bopro will help maintain the quality and the value of your asset that will continue to operate at the best possible conditions.


Breeam Refurbishment & Fit-Out

This standard allows real estate investors, developers and building owners to assess and mitigate unnecessary environmental damage caused whilst completing a refurbishment or fit out project. Following the assessment process a certificate is awarded, which recognises the environmental performance of the building once improvements have been made to the external envelope, structure, core services, local services or interior design of a building.


Sustainable Development Goals

We defined our own 6 SDGs based on dialogues with our stakeholders, captured in the materiality matrix.

Defining our own SDGs demands a commitment, both within our organisation and the projects we assist. Like no other, we know we can make a long term difference through our projects.

We encourage you to maximise the positive contribution of your project by applying our Property Management services. Together we can make the difference on these goals.