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Project Management

For sustainable project management, a holistic approach is key. We – as a manager and as a managing building supervisor – will proactively manage and safeguard the project’s quality, the planning and budget and we drive all actors. We control and manage the design and construction process. Subsequently, we can also cover the construction site organisation, Health & Safety coordination and guidance of future buyers.


Project Management

Our focus is to guide your project to a successful conclusion. By carefully and actively safeguarding sustainability, risks, quality, timing and budget, we guarantee an optimal building process. All in close consultation with you, the client.


Construction Management

The operational leadership over a construction site means coordinating the different contractors and guaranteeing permanence on the site. During the execution of the works, we are your one stop contact point.


Cost Management

This is about the process of planning and controlling the budget of a project. Cost management covers the full lifecycle of a project, from the initial planning phase towards measuring the actual cost performance and project completion. It includes activities such as planning, estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, managing, and controlling costs in order to complete the project within the approved budget.


Project Monitoring

We safeguard your project, both during the preparatory and the execution phase. During the preparatory (assessment) phase, we study the project, examining the available documents and possible influences. Based on a substantiated  knowledge, we assess the timing and budget feasibility and we point out any risk factors that could influence this. During the execution (monitoring) phase, we compare the carried out works to the permits, the contractual agreements and the initial planning and budget.


Health & Safety Coordination

Commissioned by and on behalf of the Client, we coordinate the Health & Safety of your construction project. We create the Health & Safety plan and check the offers in terms of safety aspects. By drawing up the required coordination measures, the general prevention principles can also be applied during the execution phase of the construction project.


Buyer Guidance

We can counsel your buyers from the design until the finished dwelling. To this end, we assist the buyer in making his choices, we direct the contractors and designers and we verify invoices, taking the variation orders into account.


Sustainable Development Goals

We defined our own 6 SDGs based on dialogues with our stakeholders, captured in the materiality matrix.

Defining our own SDGs demands a commitment, both within our organisation and the projects we assist. Like no other, we know we can make a long term difference through our projects.

We encourage you to maximise the positive contribution of your project by applying our Project Management services. Together we can make the difference on these goals.