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Dialogue, ‘common ground’, enthousiasm, decisiveness and focus on results. Co-creation is a form of cooperation in which all participants and stakeholders influence the process and the result. With guidance and by a creative process, an answer can be formulated for complex issues.  Only an open mind, positive thinking and thinking in solutions, lead to a supported result. Together, we create added value for people and society.


Stakeholder engagement

To successfully carry out a project, public support is crucial. This support is created by creating a dialogue with the project’s stakeholders: the project partners, neighbours, end users, the city, government… We identify the stakeholders, create a strategy to involve them and guide the collaboration.


Co-creation facilitation

Co-creation is a form of collaboration, aiming to provide answers to complex issues. The involved stakeholders directly influence the process and the eventual result. Together, we search for common goals and strive for common ground solutions that supersede the individual interests. In a co-creation process, we analyse the question, identify the relevant stakeholders and gradually plot the trajectory to answer the issues with innovative and future-oriented solutions.


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Sustainable Development Goals

We defined our own 6 SDGs based on dialogues with our stakeholders captured in the materiality matrix.

Defining our own SDGs demands a commitment, both within our organisation and the projects we assist. Like no other, we know we can make a longterm difference through our prospects.

We encourage you to maximise the positive contribution of your project by applying our Co-creation services. Together we can make the difference on these goals.