ZIN in Noord

Renovation and conversion of the previous towers WTC I and II

ZIN in Noord

The project comprises the renovation and redevelopment of the former WTC Towers I & II in the Brussels North Quarter into a multifunctional building complex in which working, living and relaxing are strongly interwoven.

It's a multifunctional redevelopment project of 110,000m2 (above ground) with 75,000m2 office, 15,000m2 flats and 16,000m2 hotel, supplemented with all kinds of additional publicly accessible functions on the ground floor. The redevelopment takes place in 3 phases (more info below).

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First phase

In the first phase (2017), we assisted Befimmo in the evaluation of the design proposals and in the selection and composition of the multidisciplinary study team for this innovative project.

Second phase

In a second phase (2018 - 2019), Befimmo - assisted by the Study Team and the General Contractor - participated in the Design & Build competition commissioned by the Flemish Government. The core task of the competition was a high-performance office building of at least 70,000m2. We assisted Befimmo and its study team as bid managers during the different phases of the competition and the negotiations with the Flemish Government. The multifunctional design of our team was finally selected by the Flemish Government as finalist.

Third phase

During the third phase (2020 - 2023) - that of the further elaboration of the design and the realisation - we act as project manager. We will act as project director and our team will direct and coordinate the various study partners and disciplines, monitor the budget and disciplines, monitor the budget, the planning and the quality and lead the consultation moments with the Flemish Government and other external parties.

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