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CSR Apsys
Paris, France

Since its establishment in 1996, Apsys has been committed to developing real estate projects that meet the demands of society and the environment, ensuring resilience and creating value for all. Bopro has now assisted Apsys in defining and structuring its CSR strategy. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

This CSR strategy is based on the identification of priority material issues determined after a series of internal interviews with various employees. The materiality analysis enabled Bopro to identify 11 priority themes for the Apsys group, including low-carbon building, urban diversity, mobility and accessibility, waste and circular economy. These were then linked to Apsys’ various activities such as development, asset management and HR services, and formed the basis for defining actions and objectives. The actions of this strategy make it possible to improve the carbon and environmental impact of the activities in development and in operation, to strengthen the social impact of Apsys and to involve all employees of the group in these issues.

Photo credits: ArteFactoryLab / Apsys: Projet Bordeaux Saint Jean

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3 main pillars

The CSR strategy is ultimately based on 3 main pillars: (1) helping to build a resilient city, (2) promoting inclusion and local economic development, and (3) stimulating a dynamic of change among all stakeholders (visitors, tenants, partners, employees, etc.) of Apsys.

Operational tools

Bopro has also developed tools to support the operational application of this strategy at the heart of business practices, such as: the energy reporting of assets, the environmental annex to the rental contract, etc.

Green bonds

In parallel with the development of the CSR strategy, Bopro assisted the finance department in structuring the framework for the first issue of “green bonds” and in obtaining the second party opinion issued by Vigéo. Apsys was able to raise EUR 25.52 million for this first issue.

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