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Site development in large city area


Triango, an architectural entity by RAU, Karres+Brands, SeARCH, Lateral Thinking Factory, Evergreen, Atelier Phileas, Building integrated Green House, Siemens Smart Grids, Turn Too, SQA and Oteis will be a model of the circular economy. Together with its partners, including several start-ups, BSI will develop a site at Triango comprising 167,100 m² modular offices, incubators, workspaces, co-working spaces. It also provides services and facilities such as a sports infrastructure, medical centre, crèche, … Businesses active in the bioeconomy belong at Triango. This development will definitely provide an answer to the needs of residents and entrepreneurs in Gonesse and its wider environment, but also to international companies. Conscious of the agricultural nature of the area, BSI has given high-tech urban agriculture a central place on this site. Here we plan approx. 10,000 m² of greenhouses and containers for the cultivation of plants intended for food, but also raw materials for bioeconomic activities.

The design is characterised by a central “sports” park that offers the maximum of “green” experience to the business areas around it. Where park-side offers variations to the differently designed building volumes, the continuous building along the edge on the outer side provides continuity and unity, giving the site a strong identity with iconic facades.

The buildings at Triango will be both energy positive and CO2 neutral. As the buildings are adaptable and can be dismantled fully this makes the project even more forward looking. In this context, any ‘stone’ used on the site, any material used – chosen based on its environmental performance and its capacity to be reused – will be recorded in the Madaster (materials database). As a result, any material used is traceable.

Finally, Triango stands for green mobility, therefore provision is made e.g. for bicycle parks, a carpool service and autonomous electric shuttles. A pronounced network of playful footpaths and well-designed cycle paths run through the green heart of the site. In the inner area there are solely ‘clean’ means of transport.

By 2030, Triango will provide 11,500 jobs, 68,500m² green space, 167,100 m² of usable surface area and 10,000 m² of high-tech urban agriculture.

Members of the team:
RAU, Lateral Thinking Factory, Evergreen, Karres+Brand, Oteis, Building Integrated Green House, Siemens Smart Grids, SeARCH, Turn Too, SQA

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