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Site development in large city area


The Triango project designed and led by RAU, Karres+Brands, SeARCH, Lateral Thinking Factory, Evergreen, Atelier Phileas, Building integrated Green House, Siemens Smart Grids, Turn Too, SQA and Oteis wants to be a model of the circular economy in this area. Together with its partners, including several start-ups, Bopro Sustainable Investments (BSI) will develop an “active ecosystem” within the Triangle de Gonesse, comprising 167,000 m² modular offices, incubators, workspaces and co-working spaces. It will also provide services and facilities such as a sports infrastructure, medical centre, crèche, … Companies active in the bio-economy will be the actors of Triango. This project aims to provide a concrete response to the needs of local occupants and entrepreneurs as well as to all economic players in the region and companies with an international influence. Bopro Sustainable Investments plans to integrate “high-tech” urban agriculture into the project with the implementation of approximately 10,000 m² of greenhouses for cultivation (with a food function and for the production of raw materials for bio-economic activities).

Triango will take shape around a central “sports” park that offers the maximum of “green” experience to users and visitors. The buildings that make up Triango will be “positive” (energy), neutral (CO2), reversible (use) and removable (footprint). Thus, all materials are selected and then used on the basis of criteria related to environmental performance, health impact, sustainability and their reuse/recovery capacity. They will be integrated into a database (materials database) that will ensure full traceability of materials and transform this contributing building into a material bank.

Aware of the carbon impact linked to mobility (carbon footprint exploitation related to the journeys made by users and visitors) and the impacts of mobility on the resilience of the project (attractiveness, health,…), Triango makes “connectivity” in the broadest sense a priority issue. Digital and physical connectivity (internal and external mobility) will be combined to optimize Triango’s experience and to reduce its environmental footprint.

Triango will create 68,500 m² of green space, 167,000 m² of usable space and 10,000 m² of high-tech urban agriculture.

Members of the team:
RAU, Lateral Thinking Factory, Evergreen, Karres+Brand, Oteis, Building Integrated Green House, Siemens Smart Grids, SeARCH, Turn Too, SQA

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