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Provinciehuis Antwerpen

Office building in Large City area

Provincie Antwerpen

Provinciehuis Antwerpen is the new landmark of Antwerp, a carbon neutral office building with the ambition of achieving a Breeam Excellent score.

Because the current county home in Antwerp no longer meets the standards of a modern office building, the Province of Antwerp wants to completely rebuild and adapt it to a modern and ecological building surrounded by a public park.

The site is part of a broader vision of using green space in the city: all existing trees are preserved, the green quality and soil permeability are increased. The building itself is very compact, it is north-south oriented so that the solar load can be reduced and the potential for natural ventilation maximized. To meet the required E-level, façade perforations are limited to 40%, but daylight is still optimized by the shape of the windows, and of the same quality for each employee. The workstations are also adaptable and flexible because of the open plan and raised floors. Group functions such as a restaurant and a library are strategically integrated into the complex.

In addition, there is  a range of technical features that optimizes the overall sustainability of the building: local air handling units, night purge, thermal mass, high heat and cold recovery via heat pumps, geothermal heating and cooling, green roof …

In addition to the Project Management, Bopro performs the BREEAM International Assessment for this project, with the ambition of achieving an Excellent score.

News Item [04/09/2017] Provienciehuis Antwerp reached the highest level

What we did
Project Management, Sustainability Advice
2012 - end 2018
33.000 m²