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Residential care centre, day care centre, nursery and afterschool childcare


Mintus is the Bruges care association with services as a healthcare provider, in care support and leisure activities. Mintus assembles health care services of the OCMW with the focus on more comfort. The health care association clusters the services and tasks in the context of (senior) health care.

In the north of Bruges, close to the “Sint-Pietersplas”, Mintus will install a new residential care facility. It will be the new address of, amongst others, the residents of the care facility Minnewater and the seniors most in need in the North of Bruges. Apart from the construction of a new residential care centre, a day care centre, a nursery and an afterschool childcare centre will be built. The new complex will host the most modern and the biggest residential care centre in Bruges and will be located between the Sint-Pietersmolenstraat and the Blankenbergse Dijk.

The residential care centre will be a new home for 232 residents with a care profile and the day care centre will have a capacity of 30 persons.

The design, made by Gino Debruyne architects, takes into account the surrounding nature and integrates as much natural light as possible in this building. It’s important that the residents can enjoy both light and nature. Mintus-president Pablo Annys: “we invest in a collective residential concept tailored to the resident, the visitor and the healthcare provider. Qualitative care is our main focus, but we also pay attention to the experience.” All facilities are fully custom designed for the senior in need and furthermore the comfort of the user has a central place thanks to an optimal management of the temperature and the use of the finest materials. These of course have been selected always with sustainability in mind.

Sustainability in this project is a main concept, and that from an architectural point of view but also in a broader sense: on the level of the site and the use of the building. This futureproof development is indeed characterised by an optimal water management, an efficient energy consumption, renewable energy and ecological materials. The architectural experience, the social cohesion, local economy and an optimal water management system go hand in hand.

Bopro is responsible for the appointment of the design team, project management, cost management and safety coordination for the new construction.

In the preliminary design phase, a thorough soil analysis was executed by engineer stability Cobe ingenieurs bvba.

Infrastructure works were completed fall 2019 with the mission to foresee an access road for the future health care centre. At the same time the construction of this new campus was started. At the moment the main contractor Vanderstraetebouw nv has started too.

This project will set an example. A sneak preview of what the rooms of this health care centre will look like is already available. In WZC Minnewater a model room, built in its actual size, gives an impression of the fixed furnishing, windows, doors, sanitary equipment and wall tiles, exactly like it will look like in the brand new residential care centre in Sint-Pieters.

The opening of the new residential care complex is provided end 2022. The historical building which currently houses the WZC Minnewater will, after the move, get an appropriate destination.

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