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Site development in Large Urban area


deStip, or coming home in a green oasis in Ghent

deStip is a residential project situated on the periphery of Ghent’s city centre. The houses will be organized in a traffic-free area, with water saving innovations. In order to reduce our impact on ecology we create a neighborhood able to meet its own energy requirements, and we choose for energy-efficient constructions.

It will be a place of the future, and we believe building communities of the future is more than paying a particular attention to the environment. Sustainable buildings indeed intend to lower the energy and water consumption, but also take the people who will live there into account: what is convenient for them? How will they move around? What are their needs?

At deStip you can choose between various housing types and transport modes, depending on what suits you best. Here we make a place where it’s nice to live together, to share. It will be a place welcoming both young and old alike. There will be a shared parc, the perfect spot for a stroll, for who wants to play and enjoy nature or connect with neighbors.

deStip is the development on the former hockey field and tennis court. Just next to it, where the old football stadium of football Club KAA Gent is situated, Sogent, Ghent city development company, will develop a residential project. This project and deStip together function under the working title “Ecowijk Gantoise”.


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