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Circular Real Estate. Who knows it? Who does it? A debate at CitySquare – REALTY 2018


Circular Real Estate: The 16th and 17th of May, you will find us at Realty – The Belgian venue for Real Estate professionals.

This time we are happy to welcome you at one of the conferences in the City Square:

Circular Real Estate.
Who knows it?
Who does it?

After an introduction of Schepen Caroline Bastiaens from the City of Antwerp about the role of the government in a circular society, we will focus on different aspects of circular construction. What does it mean? What does it involve? We ask Stefan van Uffelen, Director of Madaster, Peter De Durpel, director of operations of Extensa, Chris Van Belleghem, General Manager Etap Lighting and Peter Garré, managing director of Bopro. They will gladly share their vision on circularity and on the future of the Real Estate. When can we conclude that Real Estate is circular? Does it need an adapted business model? Does it have to be more expensive? What are the first steps to take to get there? What will this mean for the distribution of roles in our sector? Why are people reluctant to tap into the circularity?

Of course they are also interested in your opinion: why would you choose for circularity or what keeps you stuck? We will launch an online live questionary to collect your opinions and interact with our audience.

Because we know that a good framework is necessary to enable this transition. And because input of the Real Estate sector is mandatory to shape this kind of support.

Schepen Caroline Bastiaens – Chairman Blue Gate Antwerp Public Holding and Schepen of the City of Antwerp
Stefan van Uffelen – Director of Madaster
Peter De Durpel  – director of operations of Extensa
Chris Van Belleghem – General Manager of Etap Lighting
Peter Garré – Managing Director of Bopro

Practical info
We welcome you the 17th of May, at Realty CitySquare: 15h45-16h45

Realty 2018
Havenlaan 86c
B – 1000 – Brussel