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Bopro signs Green Deal Circular Procurement


Bopro, together with 130 other participants, signed Green Deal Circular Procurement, an initiative of Vlaanderen Circulair, VVSG, The Shift and Bond Beter Leefmilieu. This second Green Deal, a voluntary agreement with the Flemish Government, is an important lever to develop knowledge and experience on circular procurement, to expand a public-private learning network, to create partnerships and to grow initiatives in Circular Economy. Signing this Green Deal means commitment. The signatories commit to realise 150 circular procurements before June 2019.

Flanders wants to have a circular economy in 2050, an economy where supply chains are closed. To make a closed loop, other products, services and revenue models are needed. Circular Procurement is a first step towards that transition. This purchaise policy helps governments, companies and other organisations give a boost to circular products and services.

Bopro signed the Green Deal as a “supporting organisation”. This way, Bopro helps buyers wo search for circular solutions (products and services) in Real Estate. We believe that the circular principles can be applied in all the stages of the Real Estate lifecycle: it’s already during the concept phase, the design of a solution that the reuse of existent structures and materials is taken into account. Think of the material selection, the maintenance and management of the building: during all the stages the buyer has to make decisions that can influence the use of materials and therefore the entire lifecycle of the building.

What is Circular Procurement?

Circular Procurement allows to use purchasing power with a maximal ecological, social and economic impact. Important is the lifespan of products, services and works. It’s a process which allows you to buy change: it makes you strive for solutions adapted to the always changing and often temporary needs of users within the organization. Instead of throwing away and replacing, you try new products and solutions, who are more dynamic, modular or adaptable. The objective is maximum preservation of value of the products, components or materials to be bought.

Circular procurement allows to create maximal collaboration and co-creation with all actors who can contribute to closing the loop. It’s not possible to close entire chains only with the supplier or collector. If possible, imply the people in the production process, the designers, recyclers, repairmen, second hand buyers… to make agreements about all the stages of a product or solution.

This is what Bopro is committed to as a sustainable entrepreneur in Real Estate . The construction sector overall is responsible for more or less half of the extracted raw materials and for a third of the generated waste, CO2 emissions and use of water.

The way we build our buildings and treat our materials has a very large impact on the preservation of natural resources and the fight against climate change.

Sustainable construction also has to rely on the principles of circular economy, where waste is reduced to a minimum and products, components and materials are maximally used. Bopro investigates circular constructions and business models as well as partnerships able to make this transition. For different phases in the Real Estate lifecycle we search for innovative solutions, for example in the definition of a construction program, but also to streamline the construction process, to extract materials, optimize re-use and recycling mechanisms…

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