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Bopro is ready for the future


Ghent, 14/05/2019

“I dream of an inclusive world.
A place where we give more than we get.
A place where we develop with respect for our planet.”
Peter Garré – Bopro

Bopro builds a healthier world for the upcoming generations by responding to its clients’ real estate ambitions, goals and challenges within a broad, future-oriented perspective.

Bopro unburdens its national and international clients by providing them with solid services of project management, quantity survey, technical due diligence and area development consultation, whereas quality, time and budget is always monitored.

The acquisition of Advisers is crucial for Bopro to strengthen its market position in Brussels and to provide a better answer to the national and international key clients’ demands. The entire management and team of  Advisers is joining the new organisation.

“The synergy between Bopro & Advisers lies in the natural complementarity of the specific services. We strive for and commit ourselves to further this complementarity while preserving our own identity and local anchoring.” – Jacques Timmerman and Tanguy de Lophem – Advisers

Bopro wants – together with its clients – to be and to remain trendsetter in offering answers to future societal challenges on which they – as a real estate player – have an influence. Bopro uses Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to contribute to this better world. To this end Bopro innovates in  digitalisation and circular economy, and invests in new real estate developments. The acquistions of Common Ground – the leader in stakeholder management and process management – and Lateral Thinking Factory (LTFc) – the leading consultant in circular economy – are crucial to Bopro to address the urgent societal challenges successfully.

“Through the acquisition by Bopro, Common Ground is now decisively focusing on sustainable transition. We bring actors together for projects which prepare humanity for a resilient future, we raise the bar of  the ambitions of these projects and help to realise them. We look forward to pioneer in this together with Bopro.” – Steven Michiels and Hella Rogiers – Common Ground.

“LTFc has always introduced circular economy into upstream projects. Together with Bopro we will now be able to implement circular economy while carrying out the projects, to measure its contribution and saving, and finally to substantiate it.” – Steven Beckers – Lateral Thinking Factory (LTFc)

The Belgian real estate and construction market, and by extension the international real estate market, is facing great challenges. Innovation and evolution is key to the ‘NEXT LEVEL REAL ESTATE’. The digital acceleration in this sector and the continuous improvements in the real estate projects’ sustainability offers opportunities. Through this scale-up Bopro generates now a sufficient amount of resources in order to, on the one hand, adequately invest in innovation and to, on the other, retain experienced talent and attract young talent.

With team of 100 committed people Bopro is ready to offer socially responsible and sustainable advice and services, and to realise new developments within a flexible and future-oriented process management in which the upcoming generations will work, live and play in an inclusive way.